Our Services

HD & UHD Post

Editorial is where all the pieces of the puzzle come together.
Video Impressions has a wide variety of options available for combining all of the elements of your project into the final program.
Our edit suites offer HD, UHD, & 4K, real-time capabilities, and can output your final content into any of the industry standards in use today.

HD & Ultra HD Recording

We can record in either HD, Ultra HD, or 4K. While HD is the standard, Ultra HD has 4 times the resolution, allowing for increased flexability in post, such as fantastic green screen compositing, and post production zooms and pans.

Single & Multiple Camera Recording

We have just about everything you could possibly need for field production. From single camera "film-style" shoots, to multi-camera HD switched productions, we utilize the very best in equipment, and personnel. Our field systems are modular in design, allowing us to assemble just the right combination of equipment in a very small footprint.

Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effect, Digigital Fusion, Photoshop, and many other tools allow us to create the un-imanagable!
From fantastic green screen keying, to ultra real virtual set design, our motion graphics capabilities add that extra touch that many productions need.

3D Animation

We can create just about anything from 3D Virtual Sets, to logo treatments, to stunning 2D and 3D animated multi-layered effects.
Our artists and animators have the experience and the tools necessary to create the ever-increasing variety of electronic art that fills our lives every day.

Scriptwriting & Consultation

For over three decades, Video Impressions has helped our clients reach their communications goals. Sometimes, we are asked to develop a script from concept to completion. Other times, our clients have an idea of what they'd like to say, but they need help transforming those ideas into a visual media. No matter how extensive your requirements, our staff is here to help you get the job done right.

Tech Specs:

Single & Multicam Recording:

HD, Ultra HD, & 4K Recording
Atomos Shogun UHD, & 4K
Atomos Blade HD
8 Bit & 10 Bit Recording
Panasonic DVX200 4K Recording
Panasonic GH4 4K Recording
Canon XLH1 HD Recording
GoPro Hero II Miniture Cameras

Edit Suites/Software:

Adobe Premiere Edit Suites
Matrox HD/HDMI 8 bit/10 bit I/O
After Effects Compositing Software
3D Studio Max Animation Software
Polytrans 3D Conversion Software
Ultimatte & Ultrakey Compositing
Digital Fusion Compositing